Client Approach. Propietarios


We offer our clients complete and innovative solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the market, wide geographical coverage and continuously updated research and analysis of all the relevant sectors.

How can we help you?

Property marketing and sales

We design strategies adapted to the features of each property, ensuring that the product is oriented towards the most appropriate client minimising, through intensive commercial activity, the lead time to sale or rental.


We perform ad hoc supply and demand surveys for each site to assist proprietors with decision making.

Real estate asset management

We advise landlords on the administration and management of their properties, ensuring the value optimisation thereof whilst paying the greatest attention to the interests of our clients.


We offer technical solutions to planning, design and performance, enabling the landlord of the property to optimise the return on space.

Strategic real estate consultancy

We provide strategic consultancy services for large corporations oriented towards real estate decision-making, enabling the optimisation of their asset portfolio.

Valuations and appraisal

We offer proven appraisal and valuation services of high added value, incorporating market, planning, architectural and engineering parameters which assist our clients in real estate decision-making.


We assist our clients regarding the optimisation of their real estate assets and the various options for development through highly specialised technical – urban development consultancy advice, similarly being able to carry out planning procedures and tasks and regularise the development of a property



3Q Offices Barcelona 2018
20 November 2018

The strong dynamics of demand bolster take-up, which reaches the highest level of the historical series

Market Report High Street
10 August 2018

Stability marked the high street retail markets in both Madrid and Barcelona in 2017