Client Approach. SOCIMIs


The comprehensive advisory services for creating and subsequently managing SOCIMIs covers a new niche of opportunities that have arisen for different property owners, such as private investors and family offices, or institutions such as funds, insurance companies or large real estate firms.

The service encompasses different aspects, which affect the development and operations of SOCIMIs from a real estate point of view, including the development of the Real Estate Business Plan, the creation of an optimal portfolio, and a comprehensive due diligence and valuation of the properties, as well as other property-related aspects that affect their viability. 

How can we help you?

Development of the business plan

Creation of an optimal portfolio

Valuations and appraisal 

We offer proven appraisal and valuation services of high added value, incorporating market, planning, architectural and engineering parameters which assist our clients in real estate decision-making.

Due Diligence