Specialist Property Services and Sectors


We offer our clients a deep knowledge of the market, a rigorous analysis of their needs and the technical characteristics of the buildings to offer the best comprehensive advice in any subject related to the offices.

Main areas of activity

Letting and sale

By means of a differentiating methodology, we design customised strategies for each asset and carry out proactive tasks in the search for tenants.

Comprehensive management

We advise office landlords on the administration and management of their properties, ensuring the value optimisation thereof whilst paying the greatest attention to their interests.

Remodelling of buildings for release on to the market

We provide landlords with our architecture services in order to reposition operational buildings in line with market conditions, performing the appropriate improvements for the sale/rental thereof.


We perform ad hoc supply and demand market surveys for each site to assist developers and proprietors with decision-making.

Appraisals and valuations

Independence, rigour, depth and extensive technical understanding at the service of our clients.

Rent renegotation processes

Our knowledge and continual contact with the market enable us to design effective strategies and accompany our clients in renegotiation processes with guaranteed results.

Search for space / relocation of offices

Thanks to our market presence, methodology for the financial and operational analysis of different options and knowledge of the assets from the technical point of view, we have been entrusted with the leadership of search and head office relocation processes by the principal companies present in the market in which we operate.

Operating cost reductions / space optimisation

Our experience in the management of properties, combined with the technical knowledge of the needs of users enables us to assist landlords and tenants to reduce their costs, be this in the form of better use of space or grouping of offices in the case of tenants, or through the optimisation of purchasing and utility supply in the case of landlords.

Fit-out head offices

We analyse changing trends in the use of workspace and develop and carry out the necessary projects to fit premises to the needs of users. We are market leaders in this sector, with over 1.2 million square metres of space fitted-out.

Facility management

We perform the operational management of properties and their services from the point of view of the workspace user.

Investment and divestment

We advise national and international private equity investors, investment funds and companies on the acquisition and sale of buildings and portfolios. We are specialists in the design and performance of sale & leaseback transactions.



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Ana Zavala

Ana Zavala

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Ángel Estebaranz

Ángel Estebaranz

National Director
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+34 91 319 13 14