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We work hand-in-hand with developers, promotors and investment funds throughout the life-cycle of a residential product, from the formulation of feasibility studies of the land for development up to the sale of the residential units - both unit by unit to the final customer and portfolios of distressed assets to investment funds.

Main areas of activity


We perform feasibility studies on land and developments, as well as performing optimization plans for the transformation of assets to residential use, providing planning and marketing advice. 


Through market surveys of potential demand and existing supply, we aid in the decision-making on the part of our clients with regard to the appropriateness of pursuing a specific development.

Valuations and appraisal 

Independent, rigorous, in-depth and extensive technical understanding are services that we offer our clients. 

Project management

We carry out the comprehensive management of a construction project, coordinating the various agents which are involved and enabling the optimization of costs, whilst always taking into consideration planned lead times.  

Letting and sales

We undertake the tasks associated with the sale and rental of developments from the beginning. Designing the marketing and advertising campaign according to the type of residential unit and target customer. We also carry out the sale of the properties, advising our clients up to the closure of each transaction and, subsequently, on the after sales service. 

Management of developers

Our goal is to provide services that guarantee access to housing by means of self-development (through the establishment of cooperatives or joint ownership associations) at the best price and quality standards based on agreements with landowners in urban areas and areas of new development. 

Portfolio acquisition / sale processes

We provide consultancy advice on the acquisition and sales processes for large portfolios of assets and real estate debt, identifying the current and potential value and developing a real estate business plan in accordance with the associated risk. 


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Arturo Díaz

Arturo Díaz

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