Specialist Property Services and Sectors

Alternative Use

We provide specialist advisory services for assets in non-traditional real estate sectors, such as student housing, nursing homes, hospitals and country estates, among others; in a bid to provide our expertise to the whole sector and demonstrate our ability to adapt.

Main areas of activity


We carry out urban planning management tasks, including technical and planning development due diligence and financial feasibility analyses for the client. 


Through market surveys of potential demand and existing supply, we aid in the decision-making on the part of our clients with regard to the appropriateness of pursuing a specific development. 

Feasibility plans

We perform feasibility studies and optimization plans to define the optimum product for development. In addition, we analyze the planning development possibilities of a specific plot of land, anticipating the consequences of the license processing and management. 

Portfolio sales purchases and restructuring

We provide advice on the acquisition and restructuring of asset portfolios, determining their current and potential value and developing the real estate business plan based on the associated risk. 

Investment opportunities

We advise private investors, family offices, investment funds and both national and foreign companies in the acquisition of real estate assets and portfolios



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Nuria Béjar Castaño

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