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We deliver bespoke solutions based on each client´s specific requirements, acting as their adviser on space planning, developing the project and/or carrying out the works, right through to the final phase of relocation and subsequent maintenance of the property.

In the Department of Architecture of Savills - Aguirre Newman we contribute value, knowledge and experience in any  real estate process.

Main areas of activity

Change management

We work to align the culture and strategy to the way we work and generate creativity and loyalty and increase commitment to ensure real estate processes are more efficient.

Workplace solutions

We help detect current inefficiencies in the consumption of space, looking for solutions that help optimize resources. We are also partners in the search of new headquarters valuing the different options available.

Design & Build

We design and build a professional environment aligning the values of the organization, not only based on the latest technical and technological trends but also on human factors and comfort to ensure happiness in our work environment.

Building value

We optimize the facilities and spaces to the new demands and we return the value and functionality of the buildings to the city and its inhabitants.

Energy and sustainability

We apply innovative solutions that reduce energy costs while maintaining a commitment to respect the environment.

Innovation and technology

We design buildings to accommodate the new communication requirements, optimize space, energy, air conditioning and infrastructure.


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