Specialist Property Services and Sectors


Assistance in strategic real estate decision-making by means of the comprehensive analysis of available options.

Consultancy advice on asset optimisation processes, analysis of real estate debt and transactions which are highly complex in financial-real estate terms.

We have a team specialised in technical planning, market research, financial evaluation and strategic analysis.

Main areas of activity

Non-Real estate companies

We provide advice on the optimisation of real estate assets, defining the best product for development.

  • Feasibility study and asset optimisation.
  • Definition of optimum product according to planning, market, technical and financial analysis.
  • Business Plan for Real Estate Companies.
  • Optimisation plans for corporate head offices.

Financial institutions

We formulate and carry out strategies for the management and/or divestment of real estate assets, mortgage and corporate debt, as well as asset optimisation and asset/debt swaps.

  • Business Plan.
  • Potential asset lifespan.
  • Exit strategy and sales process.
  • Potential value and anticipated returns.

Investment funds

We are the prime consultant for investment funds in the acquisition of assets, large portfolios and real estate debt, determining the current/potential value, real estate business plan and associated level of risk.

  • Current and potential valuation of assets.
  • Analysis of market supply and demand.
  • Asset business plan.
  • Capex and urban development estimate.



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