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Facility Management

Our main goal is to offer our tenants a technical real estate management of all the services and facilitate any supply they may need in their working environment. We ensure tenant comfort in their own office by providing a service where they are able to report any incidents/needs.


Main areas of activity

Bespoke service

Bespoke real estate service with services focused on the user and the asset itself.

Integral adviser

Asesoramiento inmobiliario integral ante cualquier necesidad: espacio / personas / procesos.
Operating protocols with a signal external point of contact to manage the operation without additional cost.
Comprehensive real estate advice for any need: space / people / processes. Operating protocols and one external operator without additional costs.

SOFT and HARD services

We offer our clients more than 30 services between SOFT & HARD: Cleaning, security, maintenance of facilities, management of reforms, operational services, energy services, catering, vending, etc.


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David García de Jaén

David García de Jaén

Facility Management


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