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Tenant Representation

We offer global real estate advice to companies helping them in the decision making process that affects the workspace used and affects directly in their business day by day. Resulting in strategic decisions that affect any kind of company.

We have high market and financial knowledge that allows us to design the strategy of each client according to each need, as well as identify and evaluate the possible alternatives, working hand to hand with companies in any process from the beginning to the end.

Main areas of activity

Space search/ Headquarters relocation

Thanks to our presence in the market, to the methodology of economic and operational analysis of the different alternatives and to the knowledge of the assets from a technical point of view, we count with the confidence of the principal Spanish  companies to search for space, or relocate their headquarters.

Reduction of operating costs / optimization of spaces

Our experience in property management combined with the technical knowledge of the needs of the users allow us to help owners and tenants to reduce their costs. When helping tenants, we focus on better use of the space or grouping their headquarters. When working with owners, we optimize consumption and supplies.

Rent renegotiation process

Our knowledge and constant contact with the market allow us to design effective strategies and accompany our clients with guarantees in their renegotiation processes.

Expansion plans nationwide/ International

Defining a real estate strategy/ Flesibility analysis



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Gonzalo Zambrano Muñoz

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01 July 2019

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25 June 2019

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